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Gods & Heroes sells Centurion helmet on Amazon


If you're anything like the folks here at Massively, it's hard for you to figure out the right outfit to wear for gaming. Sweats? Too pathetic. Suit and tie? Too formal. Boxers or briefs? We don't want to know. Fortunately, Heatwave Interactive has come to the rescue with the definitive gaming accoutrement for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising players: a $220 replica of a Roman Centurion Helmet.

This "fully wearable" helmet is now available for pre-order on Amazon, although you'll have to be quick and lucky to get one, as there are only 200 available. It's described as having "a pronounced red plume and is made of heavy gauge high carbon steel complete with brass accents and fittings."

No mention is made as to whether this would be useful in a real-life battle or not, so buyer beware if you're purchasing this in the hopes that it will protect you the next time you jump into your time machine and go back to the second century.

Gods & Heroes launched last week, and Massively has you covered on all the details. Except your head. We do not cover your head.

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