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Nokia N5 leaks, continues the Symbian Anna love?


It's a hard and fast rule that all new gadget leaks pass through a Mr. Blurrycam filter, and these shots of a wild Nokia N5 sure uphold that legacy. Making good on Elop's earlier promise of Symbian support, these spyshots reveal what looks like the revamped Anna OS we've seen shipping on the E6 and X7. Other notable glimpses of the obvious reveal a candybar form factor and touchscreen interface of as yet determined size -- though we're betting against the four-inch sweet spot, and looking at something more in line with the 5800 / X6 school of design. Considering Nokia's more profitable recent decision, we're keen to view this as make-goods for the platform's 2016 separation anxiety. Symbian faithful should be sure to check the source for extended shots of Nokia's prodigal OS.

[Thanks, Vivek]

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