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Apple reportedly complies with Taipei's app refund request


We reported earlier this month that Taipei was trying to require a seven-day trial for all apps sold in that country. While we weren't sure how valid that claim was, it appears Taipei wasn't kidding around. Google has completely removed its paid app section from the Taipei version of the Android store, and reports are saying Apple is offering a seven-day refund to Taiwanese customers who buy apps but then decide they don't want them. Another report says that Google was fined for not offering the same deal sooner, which is what resulted in the Android store removal.

It looks like Taipei is serious about making sure its customers have a chance to check out software before they actually buy it. This isn't anything new for Apple's international divisions; the company has a history, especially with products like the iPhone, of tailoring various business models and sales methods to the many regions it operates in.

It seems like the changes to the system have mollified authorities for now, so presumably Apple can keep operating the App Store in Taiwan. We'll keep an eye out for any other changes that might have to be made.

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