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Apple posts Final Cut Pro X FAQ


In what seems to be an attempt to address the widespread controversy over the recent release of Final Cut Pro X, Apple has posted a FAQ on its site to address some of the concerns that have been raised thus far. Designed to answer the biggest questions that professional editors have raised over Final Cut Pro X, Apple has given very few straightforward "no" answers to questions regarding the video production suite's "missing" features.

One of the few "no" answers regards importing projects from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X. Apple claims the change in product architecture prevents "translating" projects from the old format into the new one. Many other answers either explain how to accomplish tasks that may have confused users accustomed to the old interface.

A fair number of the FAQ's points address questions by saying, "Not yet." As an example, professional editors have been up in arms over Final Cut Pro X's inability to support multicam editing, but Apple says support for this feature is coming "in the next major release." XML exporting will also be offered soon; Apple will release APIs "in the next few weeks" that will allow third-party developers access to the new XML in Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X has been one of the most controversial Apple software products in recent memory. It's unclear at this early stage if this FAQ goes far enough in addressing the concerns of the "pro" community to which the suite is supposedly targeted, but it's at least obvious that Apple is aware of users' concerns and working toward addressing some of them in future updates.

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