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UFC Personal Trainer includes free Undisputed 2010 from Best Buy, freezing glitch everywhere


Good news and bad news about UFC Personal Trainer. The good news is that if you buy the Xbox 360 version online or in store from Best Buy, you'll get a free copy of UFC Undisputed 2010. That way, if you get tired of actually performing all those deadly combat moves with your body, you can take a break and engage in some virtual grappling, and then let Brock Lesnar's improbably overmuscled frame on the box art inspire you to get back to your workout.

Now, the bad news. That copy of Personal Trainer might need to take a periodic, unscheduled break of its own -- users are reporting freezing issues with the training game, at least on Xbox. THQ is aware of the problem, which it attributes on the UFC Personal Trainer blog (currently offline) to "unforeseen server issues." The publisher is working on a fix, expected "shortly." And then you can get back to your training regimen, which is definitely guaranteed to make you as inhumanly, inconveniently beefy as Brock Lesnar.

Update 9pm – THQ sent us the following statement letting us know the issue has been resolved:
We have successfully resolved the hitching issue recently impacting UFC Personal Trainer, including potential interference with online and offline play.

Yesterday, our third party data support center encountered a technical issue that halted all server support. This issue affected many games, including UFC Personal Trainer, as the lack of server support made the product periodically hitch and interfere with the user experience.

THQ's technical support and development teams have resolved the issue by transferring data support to a new server facility. UFC Personal Trainer has been tested thoroughly, and we are currently not experiencing issues with the product or online connections. We will continue monitoring activities with the new server facility.

We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage players to hit the mitts, take on the 30-day challenge and experience everything UFC Personal Trainer has to offer consumers. Good luck on your fitness journey!
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