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3G-equipped Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 hits the FCC with bands for AT&T


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Samsung's mid-sized Galaxy Tab 8.9 has been a bit elusive as of late, but it's now landed in the spot where all devices go to prepare for their big debut: the FCC. What's more, this particular model isn't just WiFi-only like the current Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- it also sports 3G connectivity, and the bands specified in the FCC filing indicate that it's likely headed to AT&T. Interestingly, we've already seen this model number (GT-P7300) pop up at the FCC before, at which point we thought it was the WiFi + 3G version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. But the more detailed sketch in this latest filing seems to depict a device that's both smaller and ever so slightly tweaked (including a relocated headphone jack), so it would seem to indeed be the 8.9 after all.

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