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Analyst: Blizzard's Titan MMO is casual

Blizzard's next MMO – codenamed Titan – has been under wraps for a long time. Following the internet's rules of speculation, things are likely to get interesting soon. Take, for example, what Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia wrote in an investor's note (PDF). Detailing the various properties Activision Blizzard is likely to launch, specifically those that could ease investors' worries that the publisher's focus is becoming too narrow, Bhatia included "a new casual MMO." He later confirmed to Gamasutra that he was indeed referring to the long-in-development Titan.

Of course, whether or not that's "news" depends on how you define "casual." With 11.4 million active subscribers – and that's a post-Cataclysm dip! – one could say that the mammoth World of Warcraft is already a casual game. And, of course, the game's new free-to-play trial is bound to attract many more casual players as well. Still, the prospect of a Blizzard MMO aimed squarely at the casual market is certainly intriguing – and just a little terrifying.

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