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Pond, James Pond is back on iOS


Can you believe it? There's a new James Pond game out today! He hasn't had his own game since 1993! ... Oh, right, some of you weren't born then. James Pond is a series of British platformers published by EA, starring a goldfish secret agent who walks upright and wears a tuxedo. It was mostly an excuse for lame fish-themed 007 puns.

So why are we excited? We don't know! Anyway, the new James Pond is for iOS -- it's called James Pond in the Deathly Shallows, which updates the gimmick with a Harry Potter pun. James must navigate an underwater maze to find and cover leaking oil pipes, to stop Doctor Maybe from ruining the oceans. James has a bubble gun that uses his own air supply, which must be replenished from item pickups.

James Pond is on the App Store today for 099 cents.

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