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Steam Summer Camp Sale is ready for all your money

Justin McElroy

When we were kids, we used to be involved with this library program where we'd read books to earn tickets we could redeem for prizes. We relate this anecdote not because it's charming, but to illustrate the irrefutable fact that we were chumps.

Want proof? Take a look at the just-launched Steam Summer Camp Sale. Not only are there new games on sale every day until July 10 (Oblivion for $6! Medal of Honor for $10!), but players who complete specific achievements can earn tickets that can be redeemed for free in-game content or even full games!

Kids of today, take a moment and thank your lucky stars you live in a world where all you have to do to get prizes is to play games. And please, don't think too harshly of our bookish past selves. We were but babes with no inkling of what saps the future would make us out to be.

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