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UFO Online wants your slogan on its loading screens

Jef Reahard

Loading screens are a necessary evil for many of our favorite MMORPGs, but as long as they're festooned with some cool concept art and a lore snippet or two, we generally don't complain.

If you've ever wanted the opportunity to personalize your loading screen without resorting to third-party hacks, gamigo has a contest you'll want to check out. UFO Online - Fight for Earth is in need of a few good loading screen slogans, and players who come up with the best catch-phrases will find their words immortalized on the the turn-based strategy title's various transition panels (as well as their name in the game's credits).

gamigo is looking for "anti-alien slogans," so put on your xenophobic thinking caps and send your best entries to the official contest email address. A final vote will be conducted on the game's Facebook page in short order, so get a move on, soldier!

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