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Funcom shows off new Secret World location video

Jef Reahard

Funcom has released a new location video today showing of the Savage Coast (no, not that one). We're talking about the The Secret World's Savage Coast, and the two-minute clip takes us on an atmospheric journey around the waterways and backstreets of Kingsmouth and Solomon Island.

Along the way, we see glimpses of previous location reveals including the Kingsmouth lighthouse, Innsmouth Academy, the Accursed Woods, and Atlantic Island Park. According to the clip's narrator, evil has always lurked in and around Solomon Island, and Funcom's editing results in many classically influenced scenes of dread and foreboding.

The video finishes up with a few seconds of combat, intercut from a variety of group and solo encounters. While there's not a lot new here, the production values are so high that we can't help but be creeped out and anxious for the next reveal. Check out the full clip at

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