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Worms: Reloaded $10 on Steam, new DLC unearthed


Good news for Worms fans this week, as Team 17 has revealed new downloadable content packs for Worms: Reloaded on PC. Altogether, there are four packs to be had, including the Puzzle, Forts, Time Attack and Retro packs. Each pack includes new single-player missions, hats, gravestones, speech banks, landscape themes, and achievements. For a "limited time," each DLC pack costs $4.24 apiece, 15 percent off the usual price.

A note for Mac users: the DLC is only compatible with the PC version of Worms: Reloaded. Team17 tells Joystiq that work began on the DLC "quite a long time ago when the game was solely a PC title," and thus the packs are incompatible with the Mac version. Team17 currently has no plans to bring the DLC to the Mac version, but will "see what happens."

In addition to the new DLC, the full Worms: Reloaded game is part of the Steam Summer Camp Sale. It can currently be purchased for $10, half the normal price.

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eam17 announce 4 brand new DLC packs for Worms™ Reloaded
A collection of themed content, created specifically to please a wide range of worming fans!

London, UK – 1st July, 2011 – Today, Britsoft stalwarts Team17 are proud to announce the release of a raft of new DLC content for their bestselling PC title, Worms™ Reloaded. One of 2010's standout PC titles, Worms™ Reloaded is a chart-topping mix of traditional Worms™ combat over single and multiplayer, extensive customization, online play and in-depth level editing options. With over 60 campaign levels, a Bodycount mode, in-game shops and full Leaderboard support, the original game already has an impressive level of content.

The new DLC packs are as follows: The Worms™ Reloaded "Puzzle Pack", The Worms™ Reloaded "Forts Pack", The Worms™ Reloaded "Time Attack" and The Worms™ Reloaded "Retro Pack". Each of the DLC packs draw inspiration from the most popular elements of Reloaded, adding new missions, themes, achievements and more to the mix. For a full run-down of each DLC pack's contents, please see the attached fact sheet.

"We know that different Worms™ Reloaded players find different features of the game appealing." explains John Dennis, Head of Design at Team17 Software Ltd. "Some players like to spend time wracking their brains over fiendishly-designed puzzles, others really enjoy playing fort games, while others still prefer racing each other using just ropes and jet-packs. What can I say? Worms™ is a pretty diverse game! But we hope that with these four new DLC packs we have something that will appeal to players of all tastes."

To celebrate this release, Team17 are taking part in Valve's Steam Summer Sale in order to offer a 50% discount off Worms™: Reloaded, as well as an introductory sale discount of 15% off each of the new DLC packs.

The Worms™ Reloaded DLC Packs are therefore priced, for a limited time, at $4.24/€3.39/£2.54 each for PC.

Worms™ Reloaded is also available at 50% off during the sale, at a price of $9.99/€9.99/£8.99 from

For more information on Worms™ please visit or

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