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Kodak granted reprieve in its ITC battle with Apple and RIM


Kodak scored a small victory this week in its International Trade Commission (ITC) case against Apple and RIM for their devices' infringement of Kodak's patent on picture previews. Back in January, an ITC administrative law judge (ALJ) made an initial determination that the patent was invalid and that iPhones and Blackberrys don't infringe Kodak's IP. After reviewing the decision per the parties' request, the Commission changed a few of the ALJ's patent claim interpretations and remanded the case for fresh analysis regarding both infringement and validity. Kodak, naturally, is painting the remand as a victory, even going so far as issuing a celebratory press release. Such swagger seems a bit premature, however, as the judge could once again find in favor of the crowds from Cupertino and Waterloo. The next Kodak moment isn't until August 30th, when the ALJ is due to render his ruling. Stay tuned.

Brian Heater contributed to this post.

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