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Droid Bionic seemingly clears the FCC, may finally be headed for (US) glory

Darren Murph

Is this the Droid Bionic, eager to make its US debut at long last? After a false start, it's looking more and more like Motorola's next superphone could be inching ever closer to that elusive "summer release," with a new FCC filing showcasing a cellular communications device with EVDO, LTE, 700MHz radios, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n WiFi and an inductive charging battery cover. 'Course, a few things are still under wraps until August 7th, so it's fairly impossible to tell with any level of certainty what handset we're peering at. The clues most certainly add up, however, and if you were thinking of holding out just a wee bit longer, maybe the outline above is just what you needed to find patience (and all her friends).

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