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Final Fantasy 3DS rhythm game, Theatrhythm, revealed

Justin McElroy

We've interacted with the world of Final Fantasy in so many ways. We've stabbed guys, changed outfits, even made Chocobos have sex with each other, but we're still waiting on the Final Fantasy game where battles are conducted by rhythmically tapping on the screen along with prompts. (Actually, that might have been in a Final Fantasy game at some point. We've not been so diligent about finishing them lately.)

Regardless, our odd itch will soon be scratched by the just-announced Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, a 3DS game that includes dungeons and towns, and has you tapping on the screen to conduct battles. Other details are light in the report (found in Japanese mag Jump and translated by Andriasang), but we know the game will include music and chibi-style versions of characters like Lightning and Cloud from throughout the franchise.

After the break, you'll find a screen from Jump that, while fuzzy, sends the perfectly clear message that this is unlike any Final Fantasy game before it ... as far as we know.

[Thanks, Dean]

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