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Final Fantasy XIV outlines changes to the enmity systems

Eliot Lefebvre

Enmity, hate, threat, or whatever term you prefer is a big part of combat in any MMO. It's the principle around which the concept of a tank is based, the idea that you can have one person responsible for drawing the attention of monsters. And in Final Fantasy XIV, the process of holding that enmity was complex, lacked an indicator, and was generally difficult to gauge. As part of patch 1.18's major battle system overhaul, the functions of enmity are being changed, streamlined, and improved to make tanking more straightforward for all players.

Monsters will be gaining a new indicator for enmity, allowing each player to effectively judge whether or not to hold back on attacking based on enmity. Similarly, the process of accumulating, holding, and dispelling enmity will be significantly streamlined. Final Fantasy XIV players fond of taking on the tanking role will want to take a look at the breakdown, which promises to make threat that much easier to hold on to.

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