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PC Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition costume DLC today, patches soon


Two upgrades for the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition are coming, one essential for the proper operation of the game, the other essential for, um, making your fighters look their very best.

Capcom is working on patches for the PC release of the fighter, fixing three major issues: unrecognized controllers, crashes caused by remapping controls, and the default "Smooth" mode, that drops frames for lag-free online play. The first two issues should be addressed by July 11, while the patch to make smooth mode no longer the default option is expected as a Title Update "on or before July 25."

In a more frivolous and costly update, Capcom also announced the release of costume packs for the "non-Steam" version today. Eight different packs are available at prices ranging from $4 to $6, or you can grab them all for $15. If you're playing through Steam, you'll have to wait until July 23.

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