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Curtis Boirum's robotic car makes omnidirectional dreams come true (video)

Darren Murph

Let's face it: you've probably never met a hemispherical omnidirectional gimbaled wheel that you didn't like. Neither has Curtis Boirum, a grad student at Bradley University. The aforesaid whiz kid has put together one of the most visually stunning robots we've seen in some time, and while the frame itself is nothing to get hot and bothered about, the motion capabilities most definitely are. The secret lies in the black rubber hemisphere, which rotates like a top and is outfitted with servos that are able to tilt the entire mechanism left / right / forwards / backwards. What's wild is just how fast those changes happen -- something tells us that whole "on a dime" thing was born to be used right here. Head on past the break for video proof.

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