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Nao robot grabs a head-mounted camera, puts your photographic skills to shame

Darren Murph

You see, herein lies the problem. At a glance, Nao looks humane. Even kind. In fact, it's bruited that he's helped on a few missions in his day. But underneath, he's a cold-blooded talent snatcher, and thanks to a little push from one Raghudeep Gadde, he might just capture your vacation in a manner that's superior to your own. As the story goes, this here scientist at the International Institute of Information Technology in Hydrabad, India, converted the humanoid into quite the shooter. He strapped a camera on its dome, and then programmed it to follow a pair of iron-clad photographic guidelines: the rule of thirds, and the golden ratio. Purportedly, Nao does a ton of analysis before finally deciding on how to compose and capture a shot, and for his next trick, he'll run circles around your existing Lightroom actions. So much for perfecting your craft, eh?

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