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Section 8: Prejudice getting new maps and mode this month


TimeGate Studios has introduced a new map pack and game mode coming to Section 8: Prejudice later this month. The Frontier Colonies Map Pack will be out on July 13 on Xbox 360 and PC for 320 Microsoft Points/$3.99, and will bring Desolation, a desert map featuring the ruins of a previous colonization, and Overseer, which offers fighting through military facilities in a "habitable forest valley." Both of those maps will be available for all game modes.

They'll also support the new Skirmish mode, which will arrive for free later this summer. Skirmish mode plays like Team Deathmatch, but all of that killing is taking place while you're also earning Victory points for completing missions. Control Points are out of the game, however, and players will need to adjust as needed. Sounds interesting -- TimeGate promises more info on that mode and a release of the map pack on PSN coming soon.

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