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Apple posts iOS 5 Beta 3, other developer updates


If the bugs and instability of iOS 5 Beta 2 are driving you completely, utterly, and totally nuts[1], then this news will surely please you. Apple just posted iOS 5 Beta 3 at its developer site and it's ready for you to download, enjoy, and rip out your hair as you refactor your code. Again.

If you are a paid ($99/year) dev, you can sign in with your developer credentials to gain access to this beta.

The beta is, as always, released under the terms of Apple's NDA. For that reason, enhancements, APIs and features are not listed within this post.

TUAW's iOS 5 coverage -- researched and written by our non-NDA staffers -- is available here.

In addition, Apple has made iTunes 10.5 beta 3 and iCloud for Lion beta 4 available to developers. Have at it!

Happy developing everyone! Thanks, everyone who tipped us.

[1] strictly a hypothetical situation, you understand

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