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Dress up in the Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men Destiny pre-order bonuses

Justin McElroy

Clinging to walls? Shooting energy beams out of your eyes? The ability to eat all forms of matter? Boring. Anybody can do that stuff. The important question, of course, is "How did you look while you were doing it?"

Knowing this, Activision is offering some fancy duds to those who pre-order Spider-Man: Edge of Time or X-Men Destiny at GameStop. If you want to see them, we've built the fine galleries below. If you want to know what they are ... well, let's just say the Surgeon General has rated that information "Too nerdy to put before the jump."

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X-Men Destiny: Pre-order today and get a code to unlock exclusive Havok X-Gene Powers and Costumes!

Harness the power of Havok! Players will receive a unique, Havok-inspired suit for each playable character and be able to equip the exclusive Havok X-gene, granting plasma-based power enhancement to their attacks, the ability to stun enemies through energy absorption and increase their damage output over time.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time: Pre-order today and get a code to unlock the exclusive Identity Crisis Suits!

In the Identity Crisis storyline, Peter Parker gave up being Spider-Man to try and become a new kind of Hero, adopting four alternate heroic identities . Players will be able to equip the four distinct suits from this storyline - Dusk, Prodigy, Ricochet and Hornet - that will grant increases to health, damage, health regeneration, or shield regeneration, depending on which suit is selected.
See what we mean?

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