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Honor compensation date announced for recent PVP gear debacle


Blizzard's Bashiok has posted a time frame for the previously announced 4,000-honor point compensation package for players who spent honor on old gear during the week between the PVP Season 9 and Season 10. Any player who spent honor on ilevel 365 gear during the transition week will be awarded a free 4,000 honor points, which can go over the point cap and can be spent on the new, higher tier of Vicious PVP gear. This free honor will be awarded to players during maintenance on July 19 (this coming Tuesday).

I think this is a pretty good compensation package for players who were not informed of the change in how PVP gear would be handled this season. The biggest issue from the debacle was that players spent a huge amount of time and effort grinding out honor for ilevel 365 gear during the off-week, then spent it, only to see the gear became useless just days later. Now that work has essentially been restored in the form of new, shiny, over-the-cap honor points. You will not be able to earn more honor points until you dip below the cap again, however.

Season Transition Compensation Action
For our lack of forewarning on the inclusion of new item level 371 gear with Season 10 we'll be providing the previously announced ( 4000 Honor Point compensation during scheduled maintenance on July 19.

During maintenance, 4000 Honor Points will be automatically applied to all characters that spent Honor on any item level 365 items following the release of 4.2, between the June 28 and July 5 maintenances.

The compensation Honor Points given will be able to go over the point cap, but anyone who goes over will not be able to earn more Honor until they spend under the 4000 cap. Any Honor over the cap will need to be spent before the start of Season 11 when it will be converted to gold. Any characters receiving the compensation honor will also receive an in-game mail explaining the compensation and additional details.

Again, we apologize for not communicating the item level 371 gear introduction, and hope these 4000 Honor Points will offer you some help in obtaining the correct items.

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