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Massively's Code of Conduct reminder

Shawn Schuster

Hello faithful readers! As any veteran may remember, this site established a code of conduct a few years ago for our commenters. This code is located under our Community link at the top of the page, and outlines common sense rules for commenting on the site, including the fact that we won't tolerate attacks on other readers or our writers.

But since the site has grown so drastically in the last year, we feel it's time to send out a friendly reminder for any new readers who may not be aware that there even is a code of conduct.

So we invite you all to take a moment to read over the rules, and note that our goal is to provide a place for readers to comment without fear of personal attacks or unnecessary trolling. We want you to be able to express your opinions in the comments (yes, even negative ones) without fear of being called names or cursed at, so we've been actively banning commenters who can't seem to understand the basics of grown-up human interaction. Plus, we expect that you would want us to concentrate our own time and energy into making this site the best it can be, instead of continuously giving warnings to people who troll the site and its readers.

And most importantly, if you see a comment that breaks a rule in our code of conduct, please report it so that we can take necessary measures from there. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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