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Apple Cinema Display page undergoing maintenance, suggests refresh imminent (Update: No)


After images of a new Apple Cinema Display leaked earlier, we're now seeing that the Apple Store page for the product is undergoing some kind of maintenance. Instead of the normal product shot on the Displays and Graphics page, there's a picture of a cardboard box with a shipping label attached, and navigating to the product page results in an error.

This could mean Apple is simply doing some behind-the-scenes work to purge the leaked images, but it could also mean the page is being refreshed in advance of the launch of a new Cinema Display.

The new Apple Cinema Display is expected to replace the old Mini DisplayPort connector with a Thunderbolt connection for use with the newest Macs. If the display does indeed get updated tonight, we'll update this page with the new specs.

Update: The Cinema Display has returned to the Apple Store, but a glance at the specs shows it to be the same product as before, complete with Mini DisplayPort cables instead of Thunderbolt.

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