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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is kickin' spooky jams

Jordan Mallory

A decent amount of this week's Joystiq Show was dedicated to spoiling Shadows of the Damned, a game whose Akira Yamaoka-infused soundtrack has been playing almost non-stop since we got our grubby little hands on it. The title track's eerie, Dream Theater-esque vibes made us nostalgic for Yamaoka's earlier work on various Silent Hill soundtracks, which in turn got us thinking: "What was Akira's first spooky jam?"

As it turns out, his earliest solo credit is the 1996 PSX racer Speed Kings, set in Snatcher's Neo Kobe City. His sound may not have been as evolved or as dark as it would later be in Silent Hill, but it still definitely sounds like Yamaoka.

Anyway, you can see how this all adds up to some webcomics! Check out our seven favorites from last week below, and vote for your favorite after the jump.

Bed Bath & Bahamut (Life in Aggro)
Prized Possession (Hejibits)
Off Guard (Awkward Zombie)
What a deal! (VG Cats)
The Learning Environment (Penny Arcade)
If It Takes a Lifetime (Brawl in the Family)


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