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Star Trek Online producer previews the new Enterprise-F

Jef Reahard

Star Trek Online producer Daniel Stahl has penned a new dev diary about the recent fan-driven Enterprise design contest. The piece appears on the official Star Trek website and offers a bit of insight on both the winning entry (submitted by STO fan Adam Ilhe) as well as the lore behind the revamped Enterprise-F.

"In the Star Trek Online timeline of 2409, the galaxy is embroiled in war with numerous threats to peace and stability. This Enterprise is designed to carry a message of peace, as well as to show the strength of resolve that forms the foundation of the Federation," Stahl explains.

Ilhe's ship design will be revealed to players in a forthcoming STO feature episode, and players will get to meet the ship's crew as well as earn their own Odyssey-class vessel. Warp to the official Star Trek website for further details.

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