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Nintendo Video's 3DS app plays coy, is / is not launching in the US today


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Is Nintendo Video launching in the US, or is it just coming soon? Someone over at the house that Mario built needs to make up their mind -- Reggie knuckle sandwich, anyone? The application was quietly announced this morning via Nintendo Download, then listed as a non-downloadable item on the eShop and featured on the company's official site with a release dated today. So, where is it then? Your guess is as good as ours. When it finally hits your parallax display, expect this 3DS only app to update weekly with fresh content, promising limited-time only 2D and 3D comedy, action and adventure shorts. Head to the eShop right now, and you'll be treated to a music-backed, text-only tease of the service and a College Humour video, apparently. If a curated experience from the makers of the Wii U fits your bill, then go right ahead and set that Spotpass to download.

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