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R2D2-style Xbox 360 Kinect bundle rolling out for Kinect Star Wars [update]


"Beep! Beep beeeeep boop whiiiirrr boop boop (fall over)!"

Or, in English, Microsoft just revealed a new R2D2-styled Xbox 360 Kinect bundle at Comic-Con, in honor of Kinect Star Wars. The Xbox has a special R2D2 look and custom console sounds, and is bundled with a gold, C3P0-style controller (Oh, my!) and an all-white Kinect. It also includes Kinect Star Wars, Kinect Adventures, and a 320GB hard drive!

The bundle will be out this fall. Pre-orders for the $449 bundle are expected to begin today.

Update: Added official pics to the gallery, and moved our Comic-Con snapshot past the break!

Update 2: According to Gavin Spicer of Xbox UK PR, the bundle is coming to the UK as well, though no details have been announced yet.

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