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Trapster 3.0 helps you avoid speed traps, encourages safety first


Speed limits, highway patrol, other drivers, it can all be such a bummer -- especially, if you're sitting back in one of these. With a little crowdsourced aid, however, and a free Android app, you can still fulfill that need for excessive speed. Recently released on the Android market, Trapster's v3.0 update refreshes the look of its checkpoint alerting mobile app and throws in some new features for good measure. In addition to the cleaner UI, there's also a new homescreen widget that lets you vote on upcoming traps and terrain maps to complement the existing standard and satellite versions. But the real standout feature here is the inclusion of a real-time speedometer that should have the heavy-footed reaching for that brake more often. The new function alerts drivers with color-coded warnings should their speed demon ways get the best of the road's limit. Alright, so the app may discourage your burnt rubber predilections, but that shouldn't stop you from hitting the source link to download this ticket-avoiding application.

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