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Samsung Series 3 laptops crop up on Amazon, 12.1-inch model still AWOL

Sharif Sakr

Samsung's Series 3 laptops deliver more performance-per-dollar than the ultra-thin Series 9, at the expense of -- well, ultra-thinness. That said, the 12.1-inch model hardly struck as megalithic when we went hands-on last month, and we're keen to see it emerge from pre-order status. For those who can't wait, or who prefer a bigger screen and keyboard, then a couple of larger siblings have just become available via third-party retailers at Amazon. There's a 5.5-pound, 15.6-inch variant with an i3 processor, 4GB of DDR3 and a 500GB HDD going for $590. Alternatively, you can pick up a 14-incher for $60 more, with mainly the same specs but a slightly bigger 640GB HDD. As for us, we're holding out for that elusive baby brother, for the sake of its superior i5 processor and our aging knees.

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