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Adobe shuts down InMarket, AIR Marketplace


Did you know Adobe had its own app stores? There's a good chance you didn't, and that's probably one factor in Adobe shutting down both InMarket and AIR Marketplace. Both stores will go offline after August 31, 2011.

"After reviewing our efforts and based on feedback from developers, we have decided that we will deliver the most value by helping developers author and publish their apps on multiple platforms," Adobe says. "There are now several app stores on desktops, mobile devices and tablets that service AIR developers including Apple App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry App World, Intel AppUp center, Samsung Apps, and Toshiba App Place. We encourage you to use these newer popular app stores to distribute your applications."

A lot of Adobe's mobile focus lately has been on "write once, publish anywhere" software for app developers who want to push their products to multiple platforms simultaneously. Given that shift in focus and the fact that the huge popularity of competing stores has vastly overshadowed Adobe's own online marketplaces, it's not surprising Adobe has chosen to shutter these stores.

What is surprising (and refreshing) is Adobe's not necessarily blaming these other stores for shutting down its own, and it's instead positioning this move as what will be of greatest benefit to app developers. That's a far more mature take on the situation than the "Go screw yourself, Apple" Adobe might have hoisted last year.

Meanwhile, developers who have published their apps to InMarket or AIR Marketplace should start looking for new online homes, if they haven't already.

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