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Leaked Sprint release table bears a tablet: the unknown ZTE V55

Sharif Sakr

There's a whole batch of previously unsuspected launch dates on this leaked Sprint document, but our looking glass is drawn to the very bottom of the list. Here you'll spot a red arrow, subtly added by us, pointing at the words "ZTE V55 TABLET." Could it be the very same 10-incher we spotted at CTIA? It certainly could, but there are two irksome discrepancies. Firstly, the CTIA slate was scheduled for the second half of this year, which is earlier than the 2012 date suggested on the leak. Secondly, the CTIA tablet was LTE compatible, whereas Sprint isn't -- at least not yet. Our attempts to make a connection must therefore be abandoned for the time being, leaving our intellectual appetites to dine on a weevil-infested question mark.

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