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New Age of Empires Online monthly content updates in the works

Jef Reahard

Launch day is coming up fast for Age of Empires Online, and August 16th can't come fast enough for fans of MMORTS titles. In addition to the game's official kickoff, players can also look forward to new Greek and Egyptian civilizations and the Defense of Crete booster pack. If that's not enough, a new Microsoft press release has announced that Age of Empires Online will be "adding new premium content monthly to further expand your gameplay options in a persistent and evolving world."

Said expanding will take the form of two new civilizations and a new booster pack that will be added to the game by the end of 2011. First up is the Celtic civilization, and these masters of metalwork and crafting will help you earn new gear and rewards. Next are the Persians, and players will take control of units including Immortals, mounted archers, and attack elephants.

Finally, the Skirmish Hall booster pack allows players to control the battlefield by customizing their starting age, forces, resources, difficulty levels, and the number of enemies.

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