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University deploys ninja tactics to research our MMO gameplay


Welcome to 1984, MMO players! Researchers at the University of Minnesota have decided to launch Ninja Metrics, which is a software startup focusing on the analysis of data with the goal of "[identifying] key traits upon massive multiplayer online gaming communities." According to the researchers, this data will allow game developers to "identify each player's psycho-social motivations, and take action to help ensure enhanced user experience."

Jaideep Srivastava, co-inventor and cofounder of the startup company, claims that Ninja Metrics will be able to use the data it gathers in order to "identify user trends, target key players, and predict when a player may cancel their account." That's right, Ninja Metrics may know when you'll get burnt out on a game before you do! The key to this new analytical technique, according to Srivastava, is identifying the social influences of consumer communities and determining their effects on said communities. Should the startup prove successful, game developers may have another tool at their disposal with which to ensure their players are getting the best gaming experience possible. Just remember, Big Brother is watching!

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