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'Dstroyd' and 'Rigonauts: Broadside' win Activision indie competition


Remember the Activision Independent Games Competition? First announced in February of last year, the contest offered cash prizes and potential Activision publishing deals to indie devs in the US. After almost a year of deliberation (submissions ended on August 31, 2010!), Activision has announced the winners of the first phase.

Dstroyd by Peter Angstadt, a side-scrolling ballistics game (like Worms) with real-time strategy elements, is the first-place winner, receiving $175,000. Engient's Rigonauts: Broadside, a game about assembling rickety battleships out of assortments of parts in real time, and then fighting with said ships, took the second-place spot, earning $75,000. Activision didn't say whether it was pursuing publishing contracts for either game, but a note in an interview with Angstadt mentions that he retains the IP, with Activision claiming the first opportunity to publish the game.

Activision will hand out another $250,000 in the second phase of its indie contest, but no details have been announced. It might take a while.

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