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Rumor: Black Troll Studios is a new EA team working on PS3 FPS

Follow along with us: An online resume for one Mr. Rick Stalder noted that the developer was working on an unannounced FPS title for PS3 since September 2010. While that news in and of itself isn't revelatory, the name of his employer was: Black Troll Studios. While the developer, currently at Halo house 343, has since removed that reference from his resume, a screengrab was snagged by SystemLink PlayStation.

After some quick Googling, the site tracked down the registrant of and ... you're never going to guess, guys! It says "Electronic Arts." Now, before you take that as gospel, it's worth pointing out that the semi-anonymized listing doesn't match EA's other registrations, like,,, and others. Perhaps it's different because the studio is still unannounced? But why list the name on the anonymous registration as Electronic Arts? We've reached out to EA for a comment, but don't let that stop you from getting ahold of us if you've got any info!

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