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Sharp FX Plus for AT&T caught on Walmart brochure, shows off its Froyo side

Brad Molen

Just as paper adds fuel to a fire, so does an official Walmart brochure with images of new phones. The latest exclusive to come out of Wally World is the Sharp FX Plus (Google lawsuit, anyone?), an Android 2.2-powered follow-up to last year's blip on the AT&T radar. The photo confirms that this is indeed identical to the puzzling Sharp Android slider that appeared in fuzzy renders two months ago, only with an AT&T logo on the bottom to make it look all the more official. The brochure indicates the FX Plus will feature Froyo pre-installed (upgradeable to Gingerbread soon enough, we assume), a 3.2-inch display, and Audience's earSmart noise cancellation technology. It's unclear when we'll see it hit store shelves or how much it'll set us back; even if we knew, the phone isn't likely to deter a lot of keyboard lovers from getting something as desirable as the Samsung i927. At least AT&T's QWERTY Android lineup is filling out fast after a lengthy drought.

[Thanks, Billy]

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