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Walk with me through the MoMA's 'Talk To Me' gaming exhibit


This past Wednesday evening, high-brow gaming mag Kill Screen teamed up with a handful of developers, several sponsors, and New York City's Museum of Modern Art to celebrate "Talk To Me," an exhibit at the MoMA focusing on "Design and the communication between people and objects." Kill Screen's "Arcade" event brought together games from a variety of well-respected developers to highlight that very concept.

We headed over to the "Arcade" event and snapped a mess of photos of both that night's happenings and the exhibit itself -- a virtual walkthrough, if you will. "Talk To Me" will be on display at the MoMA through November 7, so you still have a few more months to head over and experience it firsthand if you like what you see. Sadly, there won't be a variety of games strewn throughout the museum when you visit, but perhaps playing Canabalt on your phone as you peruse the exhibit will offer some minor verisimilitude.

Gallery: 'Talk to Me' art exhibit, NYC MoMA | 91 Photos

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