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Dan and Anna knocked out of Street Fighter X Tekken's final roster

Jordan Mallory

According to series producer Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter X Tekken's character roster has been finalized, and it looks like last year's trailer was too much for Dan Hibiki to handle. Speaking with Siliconera, Ono stated that Street Fighter's pinkest protagonist "won't be in Street Fighter X Tekken" due to the fact that "he was killed by a Tekken character at Comic-Con last year."

Ono also remarked that Tekken veteran Anna Williams will be staying on the sidelines as well, albeit for less lethal reasons. "As much as I personally wanted to have a cool Nina and Anna tag battle," he said, "the director was against putting Anna because we already had Nina in." While we sincerely doubt that Dan is actually, for-reals dead, we can't help but be saddened by the news. A Yoshimitsu Super-Taunt doesn't seem like it would have the same flair, you know?

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