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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is mourning a loss

Jordan Mallory

News broke earlier today of the tragic death of one of fighting history's greatest heroes: Dan "Dan" Hibiki.

A humble, respected, understated man, Hibiki is most well known for founding the Saikyo-ryu school of martial arts. His impressive skills earned him top honors at multiple World Warrior Tournaments, while his caring, empathetic nature helped him serve as mentor and confidant to many of his peers, primarily Ken Masters. When not lecturing to his multitudes of followers at his Saikyo Thailand Dojo, Hibiki enjoyed singing karaoke. He is survived by his closest friends Sakura Kasugano and Jimmy Blanka.

Please join us in remembering the legendary life of one of martial arts' most beloved figures by partaking of our seven favorite webcomics from last week. After the service, all are invited to vote for their favorite webcomics after the break.

Life in New Marais pt. 2 (GameOver Nation)
Accountability (Penny Arcade)
Skyrim: Sneak Peek (Virtual Shackles)
Secundum Quid (of Noobs and Men)
Classic Dueling Analogs #10 (Dueling Analogs)
Urine Trouble Now (Awkward Zombie)
Backsliding (No Cash Value)


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