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The Queue: Food so good, you can eat it

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney is still holding this column hostage.

This episode of The Queue has been sponsored in part by Anubis Markets, a division of Osiris Foods. So shop at the sign of the jackal-headed man for food so good, you can eat it.

And now, on with The Queue:

Jack Spicer asked:

After doing Throne of Tides for the umpteenth time, I finally noticed that at the end of the fight Ozumat appears to eat Neptulon before fleeing. I guess I was too busy worrying about loot to notice. (Sorry guy!) Am I imagining things, or is that actually what happens? And if so, what the heck? Please explain.

Well, Jack, there's actually a really simple and logical explana -- hey look, over there, it's a three-headed monkey!

Everyone who ever commented ever shrieked in outrage:

Chromie is a man!

Not according to Issue Two of the World of Warcraft Magazine, which states that Chromie is female. Sorry, everyone who hoped Chromie was even more out of the box than she usually is.

manwithasweethat asked:

Q for the Q (and anyone that knows)

As the best kind of priest - shadow - should I be using MHOH or Staves? Is there much difference? I've always been confused by this, i've seen mostly healers use MHOH and DPS use staves.

It depends on the gear. I played a shadow priest for years, and sometimes a staff had better stats than a MH/OH combo. Sometimes, the main-hand stats plus the stats on the off-hand item edged out the staff. It all depends on what you run into.

themightysven asked:

I'm no stranger to the Target dummies flaws (having done DPS tests in frost mage spec.)
When I was optimizing my rogue (assassination) for gear grinding I noticed that the dummy kept popping up "Immune." comparing that to result to what i got in Setharia's Roost results in almost 50% difference in favor of actual mobs.

So, my question is, what things is the dummy immune to that an actual boss wouldn't be, (and what things is it not immune to that an actual boss would be) and why is it still immune/not immune to these things?

Crippling poison from the Deadly Brew talent, more than likely. The Target Dummy isn't going anywhere. It doesn't care about your crippling poison. Other options are things that silence or daze. The Target Dummy can't be dazed, and it doesn't cast anything, so it can't really be silenced, either.

Let's change it up a little and take some questions from Twitter!

@andyrelano asked:

Do you think there will ever be any changes done to Outland?

I have no idea -- but if there are any, I am guessing they would be minor adjustments. Frankly, I would rather Blizzard concentrate on giving us new content and new places to explore than updating old material every expansion. Don't get me wrong, vanilla WoW was pretty outdated, and frankly, it needed to be revamped to include all the wonderful improvements to questing and zones that Blizzard introduced with The Burning Crusade and Wrath. But if Blizzard is constantly changing old areas, where does that leave room to introduce new stuff?

@loopnotdefined asked:

Is Twilight of the Aspects before 4.0 Cataclysm or 4.2? Wowpedia states Twilight Father followed Cho'gall's death.

After reading the book a second time around, I think we can safely say the events in the book occurred just before patch 4.2's launch. So we as players killed Cho'gall in the Bastion of Twilight, but the events of the Elemental Bonds quest chain and the Firelands hadn't occurred yet.

@archlord asked:

What is the easiest way to gain Cenarion Circle reputation now?

The least painful for me, anyway, is to go do every Cenarion Circle quest you can find. Desolace gives a lot of rep these days, and Silithus does as well. You can also clear AQ20 for about 2,000 rep a run. And then you can always farm Twilight Cultists and Twilight Texts out in Silithus; turning in 10 Twilight Texts will net you 500 reputation a pop.

@archlord also asked:

Is there a class you just won't/wouldn't play? Like Rossi's was a feral druid.

I've already played just about everything. Admittedly, I didn't get very far with my death knight -- I stopped at about level 68 or so because the class just never really interested me. All progress on my little troll warrior has also halted, but that's due to time constraints rather than a lack of fun. Honestly, the only class I played and didn't enjoy at all was a paladin. I'd pull groups of mobs and kill them effortlessly while only half paying attention to what I was doing. I assumed it would get more fun at level 60, and it didn't. So I thought perhaps the fun started at level 70 and got to there. Again, it didn't really. So then I decided 80 must be the be all and end all of fun for paladins.

After hitting level 80 and playing around a bit in Wrath, the paladin was still so boring that I deleted it just prior to Cataclysm in order to make space for a goblin alt. That is also the highest-level character I've ever deleted.

@lirdan asked:

Is there any word on Medivh's current whereabouts? The ending of Warcraft III was a bit ambiguous.

You know, I heard Twilight of the Aspects is a pretty good book.

@HonestlyJon asked:

If Calia Menethil were to magically re-appear, where would she land in royal hierarchy since there's no Lordaeron ruler atm?

Well, technically there's not really much of a Lordaeron at the moment. If she were to suddenly reappear, she'd still be a princess. There just wouldn't really be much of a kingdom to rule over. Varian seemed to be pretty obsessed with taking back Lordaeron for the living during the Battle for the Undercity event; I imagine if Calia suddenly showed up, he'd have even more reason to jump on that.

... Unless she's Forsaken, in which case -- oh, man, that would be a can of worms, wouldn't it?

Remember, shop at the sign of the jackal-headed man for food so good, you can eat it!

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