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Going behind the scenes of Guild Wars 2's sound team

Eliot Lefebvre

Listen for a second. Do you hear anything? Jets of flame being spewed by dragons, the sharp slide of metal on metal, the hard report of a gunshot? Of course you don't because you're not part of the Guild Wars 2 sound team, hard at work for yet another day. But then, even if you were, you wouldn't be hearing a dragon spitting flame -- you'd be figuring out how to make a sound that will tell players that this is a dragon spewing flame, which is a bit harder. (And safer.)

This short video documentary chronicles some of the methods that the team uses to draw players into the game world via just the sound, just to make each little echo sound as immersive and natural as possible. It's a look at one of the more ubiquitous aspects of MMOs that most players don't think about, so if you're at all interested in the design going on behind the scenes of Guild Wars 2, jump on past the break.

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