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Silkroad Online's eighth expansion launches today

Jef Reahard

The world of Silkroad Online just got a lot bigger, as Joymax has launched the free-to-play fantasy title's eighth expansion. The Mysterious Temple of Jupiter boasts a ton of new content including a level cap increase, new quests, and new community events.

The level cap has been bumped from 110 to 120, and each Silkroad class features brand new skill sets inspired by various Chinese and European arts. The expansion has also added upwards of 60 new quests to the game's ancient Chinese setting, and new hunting grounds for 111th level characters have also arrived.

New dungeons are available for low- and mid-level characters, as are over 100 new monsters and new mob AI that a Joymax press release says will "provide a more active, tactical experience." Finally, events including the Forty Thieves collection contest and the Famous event (wherein players are gifted items based on individual stat and ability increases) will be happening all through the month of August.

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