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Pierre Cardin PC-7006 touts itself as UK's first 'designer tablet,' wears last season's Android


It was bad enough when Pierre Cardin's first tablet waltzed into CeBIT 2010 flaunting an outdated processor, but now its little sister is hitting the scene wearing a démodé OS. Admittedly, running Froyo isn't exactly scandalous, but we'd expect a 7-inch slate bearing the name of a legendary designer to at least keep up with current trends. While Pierre's pad isn't hip to Honeycomb, it does sport a respectable 1GHz Samsung S5PV210 Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB of internal storage, MicroSD support up to 16GB and built in WiFi. True to its fashonista roots, this tablet knows that it needs to accessorize to look its best; 3G is just a separately sold dongle away. The clout of fashion-label tablet computing can be yours for only £275, and when you're all ordered up and ready to go, come on back -- we've got a belt buckle that might interest you.

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