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One Shots: On a grand scale

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Wurm Online is center stage again for today's One Shots, and today's entry illustrates the huge scale available for player-created content. This one is a submission from two Massively readers, Acesfury and Shoden, co-mayors of the city of New Eminence:
Sorry I couldn't make it a single screenshot, but it's simply too big a place to fit in one image. New Eminence was constructed at the opening of the Freedom server over two years ago. Myself and two others decided the top of the island would be a great place for our new city.

However, going from the bottom to top and vice versa wasn't an easy task. This simple fact required the construction of the Eminence Ramp simply to give us better access. Since we had already planted the city up top we built the ramp from the top down and really had no idea how large it was going to become. The hill side was all forest, you couldn't see how high we actually were. It took over 400hrs by two players over a six-week period to complete the ramp and open up access.

The Upper City has gone through many reincarnations and reconstructions finally coming the the final version (shown in screen #2). With the excess dirt being generated at the city by all the changes we carted it down and built the port at the base of the ramp to better store and secure our ships. The port is over 30,000 units of dirt to push the land out into the water and create the wharves shown.
The alternate views of New Eminence can be seen after the jump. We've got one day left in Some Assembly Required week, so if you've haven't gotten around to sending an image of your favorite creation, the time is now!

Next week's theme is pop culture in MMOs. Developers sneak references in all over games, whether it be via NPCs, quests, or items, and we want to see your favorites. Grab a screenshot, tell us a bit about what it is, and send it to We'll be featuring the best of these next week.

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