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The Queue: Favor of the Light

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

The picture above is easily my new favorite piece of WoW TCG art. It's done by Alex Garner, and you should absolutely check out the rest of his work. My love of the image may or may not be influenced by the fact that it is pretty much my paladin last raid tier.

koolguyry asked:

When Blizzard says Patch 4.3 is going to be the biggest content patch since Cata released, just how BIG could that content patch be?

Well, let's be honest here: patch 4.3 does not have much to live up to in terms of overall size this expansion. Patch 4.1 and patch 4.2 have been, in the greater scheme of things, rather small. The things that they've contained have had a large impact on the game, such as a new tier of heroics in patch 4.1 and the immense Firelands hub in patch 4.2, but they're still rather small compared to patches we've received in Wrath of the Lich King and late The Burning Crusade.

Patch 4.2 implemented a very cool daily quest hub and a raid zone. Patch 3.2, to compare, implemented a raid zone, a 5-man dungeon, and a battleground. Patch 3.3 implemented the largest raid zone of the expansion, three 5-man dungeons, and the cross-realm Dungeon Finder.

In comparison, patch 4.1 and patch 4.2 were bare bones. I'm not saying that has to be a bad thing; small patches can be perfectly okay as long as the time between them is vastly reduced. It's just that patch 4.3's being the biggest content patch of the expansion is not necessarily an impressive claim compared to expansions prior. A patch smaller than patch 3.3 is still larger than both content patches in Cataclysm in terms of pure content.

Udderpowered asked:

Are the Cult of the Damned part of the Scourge anymore? I assume they have some inside knowledge of how the Scourge works, so is it likely they've worked out that there must be a new Lich king keeping the undead up and running?

The remnants of the Cult of the Damned seem to be aware that everything has gone to hell within the Scourge and are trying to grab whatever power they can for themselves. Bolvar as the new Lich King is doing his best to rein in the Scourge and let them die a slow death, but from what we see in the new Western Plaguelands, he hasn't been able to control everyone or everything. The crew from Scholomance has struck out on their own, so clearly Gandling still holds some power and has some personal interest in trying to hold territory in the Plaguelands.

Has the Cult of the Damned left the Scourge, or are the Cult of the Damned the final remnants of what the Scourge was?

khatre asked:

How many of the original vanilla dungeon bosses are left alive?

Trying to answer this question seems like a futile effort, because Blizzard will do what Blizzard will do. How many bosses are left alive from classic WoW dungeons? Any of them. Maybe all of them. Until Blizzard says straight up that someone is dead, they could come back at any time. We know for certain Edwin VanCleef is dead, considering Vanessa's place at the head of the Defias Brotherhood -- but who knows? Maybe we'll get Zombie Edwin and Zombie Vanessa in the next expansion.

Lux asked:

Whatever happened to holy form for priests? They dangled it in front of us cruelly in the Sunwell patch and never delivered later on. I am crying bitter tears of sorrow even thinking about it. WHY BLIZ WHY??

The problem with holy form is ... what would it bring to the table? What would make it unique? A permanent holy form, like a shadow priest's Shadowform, would be interesting but ultimately pretty silly. It would emulate the old druid Tree of Life form, where you're stuck in this permanent aura that really doesn't do anything, does it? The developers didn't like it on druids, so why give it to priests?

It could be a temporary cooldown, but again, druids already have that (though being an old-school priest player myself, priests were begging for holy form long before druids got Tree of Life, I know).

Healer cooldowns are very strange. They need some big punch besides simply producing larger numbers. Turning on a holyform would need to do something worthwhile besides letting you generate more healing. If it's damage mitigation, shouldn't that be something you cast on your ally and not yourself? If it's AOE healing, that's probably also something you want to target, isn't it? If it's healing that radiates out from you, well ... I don't think you want to go up in melee range to heal the people who need it most. Not even holy paladins in plate armor want to do that, as we've learned from Holy Radiance. So what the heck would it do that other classes don't already have?

Noyou asked:

What is your favorite type of pasta? Mine is the spiral noodles known as Fusilli. It's the perfect little noodle if you ask me. So what's yours?

Being of European descent with a very strong Polish upbringing, I'm skipping the Italian answers, throwing out the word "pasta" and replacing it with "noodle" instead. I gotta give it to kluski noodles. Kluski is typically a word for boiled dough dumplings, but it can also be used for a variety of egg noodles. My grandpa used to make them every time he made chicken soup. Eggs, milk, flour, victory.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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