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Laundrino ensures you'll never rely on your washing machine's timer again

Joe Pollicino

We can't count the number of instances we've started a load of laundry in our washing machine and missed the timer go off, only to later find an odorous and damp pile of what should have been fresh garments. Luckily, the tried-and-trusted Arduino is stepping in to solve yet another first world problem. A fellow over at möp, möp! (apparently, a sub-blog of the Fellowship of Free Software Foundation Europe), had a relatable issue by way of a busted cycle-indicator. Rather than having to check the machine constantly or call a repairman, they decided on the obvious choice: hooking it up to an Arduino Uno and Ethernet shield. Now, the unit is programed to ping a web address over LAN that lets the user know whether the load-cycle is complete, and if so, how long it's been idle for. The poster's even been kind enough to detail the work and source code required, which you'll find by hitting the source link below. "Rinse and repeat" never seemed so fitting.

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