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SingStar goes 'Back To The 80s,' would do anything for love (but won't do that)

Jordan Mallory

As any karaoke connoisseur will tell you, the only sure-fire way to win the minds and hearts of your audience is through the hypnotically entrancing black magic of the power ballad. Sony realizes this, and in order to ensure maximum audience mind malleability, it'll be releasing SingStar Back To The 80s sometime before Christmas.

The songpack will feature "30 massive hits" (we're guessing Meatloaf) from the decade of Devo and decadence, although no specific songlist has been released as of yet. Even so, the news has us feeling all nostalgic for the smell of hairspray and Whitesnake's Still Of The Night. If only our oversized glasses, tight jeans, and v-neck t-shirts would come back into fashion, we could... what's that? No. You're kidding.

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