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Video App Demo: PhotoMind


PhotoMind came about because its creator realized he kept forgetting to deal with the photos he was taking on his iPhone. I've run into this same issue, as it is all too easy to keep snapping away on your iPhone (or iPad, I guess), only to go sync and forget to launch iPhoto (which I avoid like the plague these days) or otherwise forget to pull the pics off your iOS device. Oddly enough PhotoMind won't necessarily help you with this problem, but does something else -- it sets timed reminders for photos.

Why would you use a photo as a reminder? I can think of dozens of reasons. While I use Evernote to capture all sorts of things, having reminders for some of those photo notes would be useful -- stuff that falls under the "look this up when you get home" category, specifically. There's also the odd use case where you're at a party and want to remember to email a person you just met something you were discussing.

PhotoMind allows you to email these pics and save them to your camera roll, so beyond a reminder app you can still use the photos elsewhere. Take a look at the app in action below.

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